My First blog

November 19, 2008

An Introduction:–

My name is Henry Plopper. I just started this blog in an effort to reach the whole world through the beauty of the miracle called Internet. My name is Henry Plopper as my parents decided to name me whatever the internet suggested them to name. They put up a online form using Google Spreadsheet and they had various options of a first and a last name. First name was chosen as Henry as ‘supposedly’ half the world is filled with retards who want to be like the English Monarch of the 1500’s who was a fat guy who got married 4 times, divorced 4 times and killed each one of his wives as they did not bear him any children although (insider dope is that this fat ass was impotent and was just looking for some free sex as he was the King of the British Empire).

He symbolises a man who could marry and divorce as he wanted (I bet all men want to do that!!), he ruled most of the known world at that time (Men now cant even rule their own backyards!!), and he was fat and could eat whatever he wanted as he was the KING (No one could call him fat and live…). So these no good monkeys on the internet named me after him.

My second name is Plopper as most of the retards of the world watched the Simpsons Movie and decide that Hairy Plopper (Spider Pig) was the next Harry Potter. Again this coming from a show where the alpha male is a fat ass, no good, yellow, son beating, heavily drinking madman (I love the way Homer strangles Bart though!!). And thus I was christened Henry Plopper!!!

My Thoughts on the next great race after humans:–

One word. Monkeys. I shall explain this argument in the next issue!!